Athena is the Olympian goddess of wisdom & war. She was also associated with peace & handicrafts, especially spinning & weaving. All Greek heroes asked her for help & advice.


Principal & Owner

Results-driven, strategically minded Business and Project consulting expertise with over 15 years of consulting for small and large organizations.

Planning, scoping, design, development, configuration, testing, implementation of applications and technology solutions. Issue resolution, risk mitigation strategies, escalation and reporting. Identifying and implementing process improvement strategies with positive measured outcomes.

Enterprise projects of varying sizes, regional locations and phases with budgets in excess of $40 million. Management of large project teams located in diverse geographic regions, time zones and countries.

Collaboration and advising to include executive leadership, physicians, clinical staff, stakeholders, vendors and technical partners.


Applying wisdom from over 15 years of experience to collaborate and provide advice to our clients. Process improvement analysis to gain efficiencies, budget planning, gap analysis, workflows, timelines, resource analysis.


Develop strategies. Identify challenges and remove barriers to success. Current state vs. future state. Long term and short term detailed planning based on client goals. Development of KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), Success Metrics and analytics. Organization communication strategy.


Creative approach using project management, applying expertise factoring the clients industry, own branding and target market to ensure successful outcome. Create client specific reporting, documentation and organizational templates.

Industry Expertise

Infrastructure Technology, Healthcare, Revenue Cycle, Health Insurance & Pharmacy, Business Strategy

Consulting is available onsite or remote. Please contact us today to begin our partnership and create a strategy for your small, medium or large business.

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Mobile: 503 858 2505


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